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welcome to lifespark

lifespark is a Swiss organization founded in 1993. One of its main goals is to arrange pen pal-ships to inmates on death row in the USA. We have about 350 members who have been writing to 1400 inmates in the past 21 years.


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But now I need this more than anything else in the world:
To talk to someoneā€¦.

"I have been alone in my life and ok with that. But now I need thismore than anything else in the world. To talk to someone and give all I am to them and for them to agree or disagree I need you to talk back and tell me what you think and feel and not to feel pity for me but the truth so I can see myself better. I also need it to get it out.
Need to tell it as it happened to me and what I thought and felt so some one here just for me knows the truth cause I told it to them and they are only here to be my friend."

Mike, on death row for 15 years


A woman, member of lifespark


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