Regional meeting Basel

When: Saturday, August 23rd 2014,
11am - 4pm inclusive lunch sharing
Where: K5 Center, Gundeldingerstrasse 161, Basel,
Map here
Language: English
Topic: Until we meet again, I send you all my love - Is there too much/enough love in my pen pal-ship?
Program: At our meeting we will discuss how much love we think is advisable/ healthy/ welcome/ necessary in our pen pal-ship. Besides the discussion there will, like usual, be an input. The pen pals of the participants are invited to come up with a contribution as well.
Please register with: Ines Aubert,, 044 940 04 35
or with Katrin Pilling,

French Regional Meeting

When: Saturday, September 27th 2014, 1.30pm
Where: not known yet
Language: French
Program: Sharing of one's experiences with the other members present; open to all members
For information and registration, contact Evelyne Giordani (

Lifespark Fall Event

When: Saturday, October 25th, 2014
Where: Kirchgemeinde Johannes, Wylerstrasse 5, 3014 Bern (map)
Language: English, with occasional translation - all are welcome
Program: If things turn out as planned,we will have a special guest: Emily Perrine-Gifford is a psychologist from the US. Her specialty is trauma (both victim and perpetrator) and working with prisoners both before court and during imprisonment.
For information and registration, contact Elisabeth Deutscher (

Inmates Voices

Inmates' Voices

In January 2014, the association "Inmates' Voices" was founded by three lifespark members with the goal of creating artistic projects inspired by texts from inmates. If your penpal wants to contribute some texts, please download the information here. Should you request more information about the projects and upcoming events, please check the website at