Our members

Information comes from:
- Survey 2008 (1/3 of our members participated)
- Statistics 2010

Who we are

There are about 300 listed in our address file.
One third of us are married, with one or two children.

Where we come from

Our ages

How many prisoners we write to

14% of correspondences had to stop because of the execution of the prisoner.
28% have had some kind of contact with the family and/or 19% with the prisoner's legal representative.

Where our correspondents are from

One out of five of our members have visited their correspondent once or more.

What we do besides corresponding More than half of us belong to other human rights organizations, social and/or religious ones.
How long we have been members Half of us have been members for three years or more.
How we heard about lifespark The media are our main source of members with 38%, followed by "word-of-mouth" with 20%.