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Love Is Not Blind

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Love is not blind. Love has 20/20 spiritual vision
The eyes of love are open, clear, penetrating, serene
Love sees through all colors of skin
Love sees deep into the human heart to discover the goodness there
Love sees through intolerance, prejudice, misunderstanding
Love sees through conflict, struggle and separation to the unity of all life
Love sees through the darkness of discouragement and despair to the shining light of hope
Love sees the blossom in the rosebud, the greatness in the common man
Love sees the criminal, the drug addict, the alcoholic, the forsaken and abandoned transformed by the miracle of the spirit within
Love sees men at war not as enemies to kill, but as friends gone astray who must be won back to sanity and goodwill
Love sees the silver lining in the stormy clouds
Love sees through defeat to victory, through disease to healing, through unhappiness to joy, through fear to courage, through unbelief to faith, through evil to good
Love sees heaven to earth
Love is not blind. The most powerful sight in the world is the insight of love
Love sees with the eyes of God, for God is love.

Ulysses Sneed Z-590
Holman 3700
Atmore, Alabama
USA 36503

December 2007

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